success stories

Over the last 8 years I have worked with 100’s of clients from all starting points and goals. My passion is working with my clients to determine what pace and plan best suits their body and their lifestyle. The thing I am most proud of is the positive feedback from all my clients. To see more success stories follow me on instagram – @nathan_transcend / @dylan_transcend


paul roe

Paul Roe achieved a whopping 10 stone bodyfat loss over the span of 18 months.
This helped him improve and prolong his life!! It has literally added years onto his life. A truly life changing result.

ian elsden

Izzy achieved this outstanding transformation in 13 weeks with the goal of going into a photoshoot.
He lost around 28 lbs throughout this time and brought his bodyfat down to low 10’s. Absolutely nuts.

steph gallagher

Steph has been a client of Team Transcend for 4 years! This transformation is over that time. She has been through different phases of cutting, maintaining and gaining lean muscle tissue. This shows that transformations take time. They shouldn’t be overnight and health should be a number 1 priority. Steph now easily walks around 10-15% away from her photoshoot photos on the right. Amazing work.

adam shaw

Adam was Nathan’s first ever transformation believe it or not. He lost 9 stone is 12 months.
He now lives around 2 stone heavier than the very end photos with more muscle mass and a heck of a lot longer to live. Awesome work.

chantel walls

Chantel is a current client and this was achieved in her first 20 weeks of coaching. She is now entering a different phase of maintaining her bodyweight to help ‘re-charge’ her body so to speak. This is a health phase to ensure all her bodily functions are moving back up to scratch before we enter another cutting phase to reveal her abs! Amazing work Chantel.