the ethos of team transcend



The ethos of Team Transcend

We go beyond in all aspects of coaching and are experts at what we do! We strive to provide a first class coaching experience for every single client and we aim to do this with a professional, personal touch.
To us this means three things, education, transformation and results!
Everyone’s journey is important. Important to you. Important to us as a team. We will guide you on that journey with knowledge and understanding, information and guidance, respect, kindness and most of all a mutual trust.
Transcend is to go beyond what you think is possible. We aim to create a mindset in a client that will push your boundaries and become the best version of yourself. Helping to create a mindset that lasts and will serve you well into the future.
I am proud of the fact that instilled in me is an aim to go above and beyond for every single client that I have. I have also engendered this into my team who work with me, so we all follow the same ethos.
Here at Team Transcend we have a community that we have built up over years, with clients who are as like minded as us. The coaches thrive off each other and aspire to ensure positivity throughout the group.
We are results driven coaches, but also have your health in mind at all times. We know that not every transformation is healthy (for example an extreme transformation like a photoshoot), however we ensure you’re in the best health at the start of your journey and are nursed back to the best possible health afterwards. We care about you as a person.
However, we don’t only coach photoshoot clients! We mainly specialise in getting the average Joe looking and feeling like a superhero, with a mindset to match! That’s our speciality.
Have a look around the website and if you like what we offer and want more information, book a free consultation call to speak with one of the team!