online coaching


Have you tried everything to get into shape?


Do you feel you do everything right and are still out of shape?


Have you trained for years but stayed in the same shape despite wanting to better yourself?


If you are any of these three then Team Transcend can help you get into shape whilst staying in good health.


There are two coaches –


Head coach and founder – Nathan


Coach – Dylan


Please watch the video below that explains what online coaching entails 👇🏻


Picture of Ian Elsden

Ian Elsden

I’ve known Nathan for good while now and class him as one of my good mates, nath really helped a lot to get me back on track through lockdown after I let myself go. I decided to do an online coaching 13 week challenge with nath and was the best decision I made , he got me back on track and got me back following a regime. I have adapted my training and diet around work and lifestyle and that’s one of the most important things I’ve learnt when working with nath. Would advise anyone looking for a online coach go to Nath

Picture of connor attwood

connor attwood

Before starting my journey with Nath I had hit a brick wall with my training and nutrition and all my progress had plateaued. I contacted Nath after seeing the results he was getting with some of his clients knowing that he’d be the right man to get me to where I wanted to be. I have made more progress with Nath in the last 13 weeks than I have over the years of just training with no intent by myself and I’m looking forward to continuing to work with him in the future to see what improvements we can make

Picture of hannah rutter

hannah rutter

I’ve absolutely loved the 20 weeks of coaching with Nathan, not only has he helped me with training he’s helped out with mainting my diet which I really struggled with. Before starting I had no idea of balancing calories out and had an unhealthy lifestyle, starting with Nathan has learnt me so much he goes into such detail and has so many remedies to any struggles you might be having throughout the process. Thankyou so much Nathan I’ll definitely be back before my wedding to get in even better shape! Deffo recommend 👏🏼